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First in Hungary to offer ON-LINE language teaching!

The student communicates with the teacher through an internet telephone line. We do not exchange tasks by e-mail. Rather, students and teacher can hear and may even see each other through a webcam. Moreover, interactive materials are always used in our private lessons, and are of course chosen depending on the student's needs. The materials are complemented by sound or image files as well as interactive on-line tests.

In addition, we use Internet-based lessons to develop certain specific language skills or to prepare for a general or a special purpose language exam. Students will be highly motivated by the up-to-date information that the Internet makes available (on-line papers, magazines, etc.), which will in turn make the lessons both more authentic and more enjoyable.

Information about the minimum hardware and software requirements can be found here.

Learn a language according to your own schedule!
You can study whenever it suits you: early in the morning, late at night or even on the weekend. Why should you waste your time? There is no need to spend hours travelling to your lessons; with us, you can relax or do something useful instead. If you have an Internet connection and a laptop, you do not even have to cancel your lessons when you travel to another city or abroad.

We will provide you with a teacher of English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Hungarian as a foreign language or upon request any other language of your choice.

Students who pay for a course consisting of 30 or more lessons will receive a bonus for a 20% discount valid at all the bookstores of the Libra Books chain. Information about how to get the bonus can be found here.

Send your questions, opinions and suggestions to NetBabel at the following address:

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